Helping Animals in Distress

Some of the front end developers here at AO had a day away from coding to help out a local charity, Animals in Distress.

Animals in Distress are based in Salford and do their best to alleviate the suffering of sick and injured animals through 24-hour rescue, veterinary treatment, neutering, and a micro-chipping scheme, plus lots of other work in and around the community to help educate and advise.

They are currently preparing to refurbish one of their charity shops in Swinton, so we volunteered to help move, carry and break anything we could. We had loads of fun packing-up stock, cleaning, dodging spiders and breaking up old furniture. The breaking of stuff was particularly therapeutic 🔨

At the end of the day, we had cleared an entire room’s worth of stock and old furniture. We dismantled a lot of the furniture and loaded it onto a van ready to take to the tip. We also carefully packed up the stock being stored here which was then ready to take over to the other Animals in Distress charity shop. We hope we made a difference by speeding up their preparations for the refurbishments and hope everything goes well with the new shop!

If you’d like to find out more, visit the shop or donate, visit the Animals in Distress website.