Recruiting BAs – the Onboarding edition

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Onboarding – a word that fills me with dread. I hate that settling in period when you don’t know the people or the processes or where to find the coffee! But the thought of doing that if you’re still working remotely is even worse – imagine knowing where the coffee is because it’s in your kitchen cupboard but not how tall your new colleagues are.

At AO we understand this, we’ve previously talked about our recruitment process and how our recruitment team helps new starters settle in but I wanted to focus on the onboarding we do within the BA community.

  • We’ll ensure you know who your line manager is before you start and they’ll phone you up to have a chat and see if you have any questions. We might even meet up and have cake!
  • We’ve put together a starter pack that includes lots of useful info, links to systems, an overview of all the BA’s and what areas of the business they support. We’ve recently updated this with the help of some new starters who pointed out the obvious things we’d missed and we’ll keep doing this. We don’t want it to get stagnant
  • Want some guidance in how we work at AO. There is a BA SharePoint site with key information in so you’ll always know where to go
  • We’ll create you a list of meet and greets. Obviously you’ll want to have a get to know you chat with all us BAs but who else in the projects team and the wider tech team would be good for you to get to know? They’ll be on the list
  • We’ll work with the team before you arrive to get you a list of important stakeholders to make it easier to build up those relationships
  • A couple of friendly BAs will talk you through an onboarding presentation to talk you through some of the things that you might not know – cook along, games nights, how meet and greets are perfectly normal even if you think booking in meetings with complete strangers is a bit odd
  • We’ll assign you a buddy, we know there are questions you don’t want to go to your line manager with, so we’ll give you a friendly face that you can bug with those silly questions that are actually really important
  • We’ll get you to create a profile so we can get to know a bit about you and don’t panic but we’ll ask you to do a bit of a presentation about yourself at the next BA community day. We’re also getting all the old BAs (don’t tell them I called them old!) to do the same. No pressure but there has been some really good ones recently!
  • We’ll encourage you to join in our daily BA stand up. We talk about what is going on at work but also make time for chat about the latest Netflix, or more recently all the conversations have been about food

We’re already thinking about how else we can improve this experience and how it needs to evolve to keep up with the changing world.