Team Structure

We work in embedded product teams set up for continuous delivery.
Each team includes all the people needed to develop opportunities from discovery to delivery.

Bolton HQ

with multiple locations across the UK

Find a better tomorrow

200 members

across 30 tech teams

Team Disciplines

Teamwork makes the dream work

We start with a problem or an opportunity and talk to the people in our business who are closest to it. We ship working software to real users in days, not months – and we use their feedback to inspire us on what we do next.

Technology moves fast, but we move faster

We don't straggle in adopting a new technology, but we're not magpies either - we don’t try everything that's new, just for the sake of it. We standardise little and trust our teams to guide the right technology choices at the right time.

Communication is a two-way street

We believe in honesty, transparency and effective communication. Our weekly all-hands meeting is an open invitation for people to ask whatever questions are on their minds. There are no taboo topics.

Freedom and flexibility

We hire smart people, so we don’t do their thinking for them. We trust them to do the right thing for themselves and AO. We do loads to support and nurture them so they can achieve their potential.

Never a blame game

However good we are, our systems are complex and there are bound to be occasional glitches. Rather than blame an individual, we use it as an opportunity to learn and improve.

We hire against our values

We're a united workforce that embody our company values in everything them do bold, smart, fun, caring and driven. Our autonomous teams have people of diverse backgrounds and thinking so we're constantly learning from each other.

"I'm surrounded by so many talented colleagues with such a wide variety of skills. We have a genuinely supportive atmosphere which is a great place to learn in."
- Sarah, Front End Developer